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Tires, Tires, Tires!

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A winning range of tire services from Mobile Auto Service

Mobile Auto Service offers a comprehensive range of car services designed to get your car ready for the winter months or ready to hit the road for your trip over the river and through the woods. Whether you need tires, or other tire services, we offer just about anything you can think of (but we’ll go into more detail below)!

Mobile Auto Service is a Cooper Tire Dealer

Cooper tire is one of the premier tire brands for every type of vehicle. Any Cooper tire that we stock are designed for comfort, safety and longevity, so the investment you make will carry you for thousands of miles. Cooper has been producing tires for over a century, so you can always feel good about your tire purchase. For more information on the brands that we carry, give Mobile Auto Service a call today!

Every Tire Repair

Instead of immediately recommending a new tire for even the smallest hole, we first work to see if a repair can be done. We offer patches, plugs and replacement if no other options will work. Whether a nail put a hole in your plans for the day or you find yourself with a mysterious flat tire, we can examine the affected tire and make quick repairs to get you on the road as quickly as possible. In the event that your tire was punctured in a non-repairable area, we can also recommend a new tire and get it on your car in no time.

All Types of Tires

No matter what your vehicle is, we have the a tire to match! We can provide you with tires for:

  • Passenger cars, including all-season tires and winter/snow tires
  • Trucks
  • Off-road SUVs
  • Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Lawnmowers

Get Together Your Emergency Kit

Mobile Auto Service is ready to help get your car ready for the winter months. To schedule your affordable and honest service today, contact us for a free quote at 443-424-0131.

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