Fleet Maintenance

Why should you use Mobile Auto Service for your fleet maintenance needs?

Mobile auto Service will service your vehicles on-site. Mobile Auto Service will provide a custom inspection report in order to fit your specific needs.

Mobile Auto Service will inspect each vehicle thoroughly during every oil change to stop costly breakdowns and save you time and money. Mobile Auto Service can provide on-site DOT inspections.

Mobile Auto Service will not turn you away. If there’s something you need we will figure out a way to fix the problem, our philosophy is adapt and overcome. Mobile Auto Service will provide quick response in emergency situations to keep your trucks moving.

All Mobile Auto Service emergency road calls are handled by a trained technician. Upon receiving your call we will ask all important questions regarding your breakdown. Questions that will help ensure the proper equipment and parts are brought to the scene. This results in quicker turn around times and gets your company back on the road. Downtime is costly and minimizing it is key to staying in business.

Mobile Auto Service has been leading the field in the mobile auto repair business since 2003 and strives to become bigger better and stronger than the previous year.