Testimonials — Happy Customers

“I called to get a flat tire patched late in the afternoon, they had a mechanic out to my office parking lot within a few hours and I was good to go before the end of the day. You pay a little bit of a premium for the convenience, but the work was done quickly and professionally. Would definitely call them again in the future.”

Michael McGrath


“Very easy and convenient experience for my first time using them. They were able to come out the day I called and 2 hours earlier than initially expected. The home office communicated frequently throughout the process and was able to work with my schedule. The mechanic did a great job, was courteous, and took the time to explain what repairs were needed and options I had to move forward.



After being told by another family recommended mechanic that I needed $450 dollars worth of work; Mobile Auto Service did only what truly needed to be done. Cost was just $150 dollars. That’s honesty!

C Wagner

Small Business Owner

“I will only use Mobile Auto, for my company and personal vehicles. My time is worth too much to drop off my vehicles at a shop.”

Ken Miller


“They fixed my car right where it broke down saving me an eighty-five dollar tow bill.”

Lynn Witziski


“Thank you so much to Mobile Auto Service for the work done on my SUV this week! Last weekend, I took my vehicle to a Toyota service center in Cockeysville.

“I was due for an oil change and was pretty confident that I also needed new brakes and some work done on a squeaky belt. Several hours later, I was notified that the recommended repairs totaled $2,120!! I posted a disgusted comment on Facebook and was put in touch with Mobile Auto Service.

“I picked up the vehicle and made an appointment for the Mobile guys to look at it. The work that was actually necessary totaled $263! Toyota even recommended that I replace a part that my vehicle doesn’t have!

“I’m so grateful to have found John and Mobile. You guys are worth your weight in gold! Break Diagnostic at Toyota: $45 Savings from using Mobile Auto Service: $1,857 Finding a good, honest mechanic: PRICELESS!!”

Amy Strucko Williams