“They fixed my car right where it broke down saving me an eighty-five dollar tow bill.”
Lynn Witziski

“After being told by another family recommended mechanic that I needed $450 dollars worth of work; Mobile Auto Service did only what truly needed to be done. Cost was just $150 dollars. That’s honesty!”
C Wagner
Small Business Owner

“I will only use Mobile Auto, for my company and personal vehicles. My time is worth too much to drop off my vehicles at a shop.”
Ken Miller

“Thank you so much to Mobile Auto Service for the work done on my SUV this week! Last weekend, I took my vehicle to a Toyota service center in Cockeysville.
I was due for an oil change, and was pretty confident that I also needed new brakes and some work done on a squeaky belt. Several hours later, I was notified that the recommended …repairs totaled $2,120!! I posted a disgusted comment on Facebook and was put in touch with Mobile Auto Service. I picked up the vehicle and made an appointment for the Mobile guys to look at it. The work that was actually necessary totaled $263! Toyota even recommended that I replace a part that my vehicle doesn’t have! I’m so grateful to have found John and Mobile. You guys are worth your weight in gold! Break Diagnostic at Toyota: $45 Savings from using Mobile Auto Service: $1,857 Finding a good, honest mechanic:
Amy Strucko Williams