Want Expert Guidance on How to Operate Your Boat?

Driving a boat isn’t as easy as it looks on TV or in the movies.

And getting out of a complicated or dangerous situation that could put you and others at risk can be difficult.


The bigger the vessel, the more complicated it becomes. Successfully operating a boat takes instruction and practice—from the smallest boat to the largest yachts.

Our step-by-step guidance will teach you all the tips and tricks the experts use — without you having to wait for years to discover them.

Imagine confidently driving your boat so your passengers and others recognize your skills and commitment to safety.

Among the topics we cover are how to:

  • Start a boat
  • Launch a boat
  • Operate a boat throttle
  • Steer a boat
  • Slow a boat
  • Trim a boat
  • Anchor a boat
  • Pull into a marina or slip

Learn tips and tricks from boating experts.
You can use our boat or your boat for the instruction.

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