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We come to you . We offer fast, reliable, and professional services. No more waiting in an auto repair shop . We fix and repair all


Vehicle Inspection

Mobile Auto Service offers a variety of inspection services. If you have found a used car that you are interested in purchasing, a Mobile Auto Service


Diagnostic Services

Mobile Auto Service has the tools and knowledge to perform many diagnostic services. Diagnostics can be a very easy repair or a time consuming


Grinding Brakes?

When your brakes are squeaking that is telling you they are getting low. Most brake pads come from the factory with a squealer. The squealer


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Our interesting story

Mobile Auto Service was started by Mr. Hansen in 2003 at the age of 22 years old. Mr Hansen started Mobile Auto Service with one Ford van, $2,000 dollars in the bank, and a goal to be his own boss.

The first two or three years were tough - barely making ends meet. He was working Mobile Auto Service seven days a week whenever he had work and landscaping for a friend when he wasn't pulling wrenches. He says working 70 hours a week in his early twenties (answering phones, doing all of the paperwork, collecting all of the money) while his buddies were having fun wasn't easy. When he first opened the business, he never planned on having employees but, as he got busier, the demand was too much for one person. So he purchased a box truck and started doing tires on the road.

In 2006, he had two employees and the will to survive. Things were getting more financially stable and he was making a run for it. Then came the collapse of 2008. In his words, "It was tough when 20% of your business was ripped out from under you and you did nothing wrong."

But Mr. Hansen had one thing on his side - the will to never give up. So he stormed through it selling mechanical repairs to anyone who would let him do them. As the years went on, Mr. Hansen's company continued to grow.

Today, Mobile Auto Service is based out of Harford County, Maryland and serves most of Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. He employees many people and loves to see how his success puts dollars into the hands of his employees and their families.

With a strong will and an unbeatable work ethic, Mobile Auto Service will continue to flourish and, according to Mr Hansen, his company has seen growth in sales every year it's been in business. Mr. Hansen, I say good luck to you and I wish you all of God's blessings.


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