Winterize! Inboard Engines & Outboard Engines & Shrinkwrap Services Available!

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Shrink Wrapping

Mobile Auto Service now offers its fleet customers and other businesses shrink wrapping services.

The company started performing shrink wrapping in 2020, after finding that many of its customers seeking boat and yacht repairs also wanted and needed winterization and shrink wrapping of their vessels to protect against winter wind and storm damage when they were not using their vessels.

Shrink wrapping can provide protection and confidentiality for businesses, governments and other entities as their materials are transported by train, plane or ship.

In addition to boats, yachts and sailboats, Mobile Auto Service delivers shrink wrapping to:

  • Energy
  • Aviation
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Construction

Over the last year, Mobile Auto Services has shrink-wrapped more than 60 items, including high-value sailboats and yachts throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

shrink wrap boat
shrink wrap plane


yacht boat sailor transport ship vehicle


transport airplane plane transport fly vehicle

Planes, Helicopters

subway skytrain train transport railway vehicle

Trains, Rail Transport

transport vehicle truck trailer cement mixer Construction

Construction, Industrial

motorbike bike transport vehicle

Motorcycles, Recreational

Convertible car transport vehicle sunroof

Specialty Vehicles