4 Benefits of Anti-Lock Brakes

These days, cars come with a host of driver assist features to best ensure the safety of every driver. One of the most beneficial driver assists is the anti-lock brake system (ABS). ABS was originally invented to be used as a braking system for airplanes in 1929. Because of its effectiveness, ABS has since become a standard in the automobile industry. What are the benefits of anti-lock brakes?

Stopping in Slippery Conditions

It is very likely you have felt ABS kick in at least once while driving in adverse conditions. Can you recall a pulsing feeling coming from your brake pedal after pumping the brakes hard? That’s what ABS feels like! Essentially, the car is modulating your brakes to prevent dangerous lockups and skids. Without ABS, even the best drivers can easily lock up their brakes in adverse conditions, which can lead to very dangerous accidents.

Better Stopping Time

Emergency stops are inevitable when driving. A reflex for many people is to pump the brakes very hard in order to prevent sure accidents. This makes perfect sense but without ABS, skids are inevitable. When your tires skid, it actually increases the time it takes to come to a complete stop. ABS modulates your braking to prevent lockups, giving you increased and more reliable stopping power.

Longer Life for Tires and Brakes

As you read earlier, slamming on the brakes used to result in locking up the brakes and skidding the tires. If this happens often, tires and brakes will start to show wear more quickly. By design, ABS reduces tire and brake lock up, making them last more miles which keeps money in your pocket.

Better Steering Under Braking

Steering becomes much more difficult under heavy braking. This is especially true when the brakes lock up. In this situation, understeer often occurs because of a lack of traction. ABS causes the brakes to be activated cyclically to prevent lock up. With the traction for all four wheels, steering under braking becomes much easier and safer.

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