Rear End Collision with Remote Mechanic

While every type of accident can cause a certain amount of damage, rear-end collisions are particularly dangerous. Because these accidents are often minor and untreated by drivers, the damage done below the surface can go undiscovered until it is too late. What do you need to know about the hidden problems caused by rear-end collisions?

Trunk Problems

Many trunk glitches can occur in the period after a rear-end collision. Some of the most common issues include:

  • The trunk popping open when you did not press the button, which can be very dangerous on a highway or while driving
  • A trunk that will not stay locked, which renders it useless and puts your car at risk when parked
  • Water seeping into the trunk after the moisture seal was damaged
  • Trouble opening the trunk

Wheel Issues

A rear-end collision can lead to alignment issues with your vehicle, including:

  • Your car driving unevenly on the road, which can be troublesome when making turns or driving on winding roads
  • A steering wheel that feels wobbly
  • Strange vibrations coming through the steering wheel, which can lead to discomfort and trouble driving
  • Premature wear on the tires
  • Uneven wear on tires, which can cause you to need replacement tires long before they are completely worn

Electrical Trouble

Even a minor, low-impact rear-end collision can compromise some of the electrical systems in your car. Loose or damaged wire connections can lead to:

  • Non-working or inconsistent speakers
  • Brake lights and tail lights that do not work
  • A dead battery

Frame Issues

The bumpers on your car are made of plastic. Whenever your bumper is cracked or dented, the impact of the collision might have reached the frame of your car. Even small accidents can bend a frame slightly, and slight frame damage can mean serious and costly repairs. Unaddressed frame problems can lead to warning system sensor issues, less frame strength and more damage if another collision happens in the future.

Never Take a Chance After a Rear-End Collision

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