Mobile Auto Mechanics with Remote Mechanic

You rely on your car to get you to work, to get your children to school and to keep your family safe while you’re traveling. As a result, choosing the right mechanic is incredibly important. Mobile auto mechanics are growing in popularity, but some car owners are skeptical about whether or not they can be trusted. Are mobile auto mechanics trustworthy?

Experience Matters

As with any repair shop, there are some trustworthy mobile mechanics and some looking to take advantage of drivers. Experience matters a great deal when selecting the right mobile auto mechanic, so you should pay close attention to reviews and reputation online. If you notice a string of bad reviews or that the business seems to change its name frequently, it’s a sign that they might not be the right fit for you.

Does Physical Location Matter?

One of the primary reasons why traditional mechanics are seen as “more legitimate” is their physical location. However, how many mechanics in your town are known for not being completely honest and transparent despite having a storefront? Mobile auto mechanics might lack one location that they work out of, but that gives them the flexibility needed to travel around and meet the needs of a diverse array of customers.

The Signs Your Mechanic Isn’t Trustworthy

What are the signs that your auto repair center or mobile auto mechanic isn’t trustworthy?

  • Routine repairs regularly turn into something else without you noticing any issues with your car or being due for any service (an oil change turning into a $1,000 bill)
  • A lack of training for staff and no certifications or licenses available for you to validate
  • The mechanic will not give you an estimate for the services or products that you need to purchase for your car to be in working order
  • The customer is never first, and the repair shop expects you to plan your life around them
  • When the mechanic makes an error or something goes wrong during a service, they are unable or unwilling to own up to their mistakes

Mobile Auto Service Is a Trustworthy Mobile Auto Mechanic

Mobile Auto Service is there for you anytime you need us. Whether you’re in the middle of a roadside emergency or looking for seasonal maintenance, you should always have our number handy. Use Mobile Auto Service to fulfill any variety of your auto repair and maintenance needs. To schedule your affordable and honest service today, contact us for a free quote at 443-424-0131.