Car Breaks Down call Mobile Auto Service

There is nothing scarier than when your car breaks down in the middle of the road, especially if you’re driving on a major highway. The most important thing to do is to remain calm and make your way over to the shoulder as quickly as you safely can.  Here are some steps you can take to ensure you’re being as safe as possible:

Get Off of the Road

Gradually take your foot off the gas pedal and turn your hazard lights on. If you’re able to accelerate, or are still moving forward, make your way safely to either the shoulder or median if you’re on a major highway. Try to avoid any sudden or hard braking. Once you are stopped and safely out of the flow of traffic, you can exit your vehicle. Make sure you use a door that is facing away from traffic.

If you’re unable to get off of the road and are stuck in traffic, make sure your hazard lights are on and call 911 immediately so the police can block off traffic and prevent an accident.

Assess Your Car

Once outside, look at your vehicle to see any damage. If it’s smoking or you notice a fire starting, get as far away from it as you can and call 911. If it’s in decent condition, you can call a tow truck, roadside assistance if you have it with your insurance, or a mobile auto mechanic who can come right to you. Note any mile markers or road signs that may help a tow truck or your mechanic find you.

If you don’t have any cell service, you should still try to call 911. If you’re within any coverage tower, regardless of your provider, a call to 911 will still go through. Some major highways have roadside emergency phones, but you should only use one of those phones if you’re within walking distance. If you’re truly without a signal and not within walking distance of an emergency phone or an exit with a gas station, grocery store etc., you should set up an emergency road kit if you have one and wait for the police to come.

Stay Safe

While you’re waiting for your tow truck or mechanic, pay attention to your surroundings. If there is somewhere safer to wait than on the side of the road, head there and wait for a call from your insurance, tow truck driver, or your mechanic. Make sure you always keep your car in eyesight.

Roads typically get more dangerous as it gets dark, so if it’s starting to get darker you shouldn’t remain with your car. If you have to leave your vehicle on the side of the road, use a t-shirt, plastic bag, or whatever you have handy to put in the window and roll it up. This is a common sign that says, “I’ll be back!”

Get Assistance if Your Car Breaks Down with Mobile Auto Service

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