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The average consumer knows that synthetic motor oil is more expensive than regular motor oil, but most of them don’t realize that it is actually much better for your car. What are the differences between regular motor oil and synthetic motor oil?

The Basics

Synthetic motor oil begins the same as conventional motor oil. Then, it is distilled, purified and broken down to remove any impurities from the original oil. By breaking down crude oil into basic components, synthetic oils can be custom-blended to meet the exact needs of multiple types of engines. The synthetic oil serves as a base for numerous additives proven to optimize a car’s performance.

Keep the Engine in Great Condition

Oil circulates through your car’s engine and can pick up deposits, depending on the quality of the oil. Regular oil will turn into a sludge-like mixture over time. This sludge decreases the efficiency of your engine and will eventually decrease its lifespan. Synthetic oils have many engine-clogging impurities removed from them, so they will not create or collect deposits in the same manner.

Synthetic oils are also better at lubricating the space between different parts of your engine. When regular oil deteriorates, it will not do the same quality job protecting your engine. Synthetic oils will not deteriorate for a longer period of time, also ensuring a longer engine life.

Great for Extreme Temperatures

Whenever a car sits, the oil inside of it will settle. When you turn the car on, the oil will move throughout the engine. In the winter months, regular motor oil will take longer to lubricate your engine and move smoothly. Synthetic motor oils work beautifully even in low temperatures. Synthetic oil also works better in hot temperatures, where regular oil would break down.

Synthetic Motor Oil for Your Vehicles

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