Extreme Road Conditions with Remote Mechanic

Extreme road conditions are everywhere in the winter season, from snowy winter mornings to heavy holiday traffic clogging the highways. Preparing for extreme road conditions is essential to making it through the holidays safely, so now is the time to refresh your memory on what to do when you’re in a sticky situation.


  • Slow down! Wet roads slow your car’s reaction time, so you should always follow the speed limit when driving in the rain.
  • Turn on your headlights. Maryland requires all drivers using their windshield wipers to use their headlights when driving, so increase your visibility and the ability of other drivers to see your car by turning them on.
  • Keep more space between your car and the car in front of you.
  • Avoid heavy braking when it’s raining. Try to first slow your car by taking your foot off the gas earlier than you typically would.


  • Accelerate and decelerate your car slowly to avoid skidding and keep as much traction as possible. Always allow more time to stop at traffic lights and stop signs.
  • The recommended following distance of 3-4 seconds for driving on a dry road increases to 8-10 seconds in snowy conditions, so allow plenty of space between your car and others around you.
  • Don’t try to power your way up hilly roads. Putting your pedal to the metal on snowy roads will get your wheels spinning and leave you stuck.


  • High speeds on icy roads mean trouble stopping and a high chance your car will spin out of control. Never drive over 45 mph in any car when roads are icy. Black ice can surprise you in an instant.
  • If possible, avoid driving on icy roads entirely.
  • If you are fishtailing or sliding in your car, turn into the slide. Turn your car wheels in the direction that the back of your car is sliding. Be careful not to overcorrect.

Heavy Holiday Traffic 

  • Remove distractions from your car as much as possible. Even if it’s boring to stare at headlights, playing on your phone is a good way to rear-end someone.
  • Practice defensive driving, including looking out for cars with drivers who aren’t paying attention, signaling before turning or merging, putting space between you and other vehicles and always following the flow of traffic.

Keep Your Car in Great Condition Despite Extreme Road Conditions

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