4 Car Repairs You Should Never DIY

While we would always recommend using a professional for any type of routine maintenance on your car, there are certain jobs that you should always leave to the professionals regardless of how handy you are. In the interest of your safety and the long-lasting operation of your vehicle, which car repairs should you never DIY?

Transmission Service

The transmission is one of the most complex parts of any vehicle. Since it features thousands of small parts that are integral to its safe operation, the chances of something going wrong are very high. If something does go wrong, the cost of replacement will likely be much higher than the cost of the maintenance a professional could have safely performed.


While brakes are not necessarily the most complicated part of an automobile, there is tremendous risk in servicing them yourself. Consider that brakes contain many individual parts such as calipers, brake fluid, brake pads, and rotors. If any of these are serviced or replaced incorrectly, it could lead to brake failure. 

Engine Diagnostics

If the check engine light appears on your dashboard, it can represent a variety of issues. A professional can run a detailed diagnostic, often costing less than $150, which can pinpoint your specific issue easily and quickly. While you may be able to discover the issue yourself, most of the time it is not worth risking any additional damage.

Timing Belt Replacement

If you’ve owned your vehicle for several years, you may need a timing belt or chain replacement at some point soon. In most cases, the replacement process requires significant engine disassembly. If you decide to do DIY this repair, there is still risk that the reassembly will not be perfect, even if replacement itself goes well which can lead to engine damage or even engine failure.

If You Can’t DIY Your Repair, Choose Mobile Auto Service

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